Thursday , May 28 2020


Side Effects Of CBD oil

# Side effects based on high-dose clinical trials Because we lack clinical evidence in favor of CBD, we also lack clinical evidence against CBD. From the few clinical trials that have been conducted, no conclusive severe side effects have surfaced. The most comprehensive results available are based on Epidiolex, the …

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CBD Oil vs. CBD Vape Juice: What’s the Difference?

When CBD first came into the spotlight, taking an oral tincture was the most popular method of getting your supplement. Now, CBD users have a wide variety of choices. But with those choices come a lot of questions about how to use different CBD supplements properly. Some of the most …

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What the research says about CBD

CBD has been the subject of a lot of discussion and research over the past few years. As this 2017 reviewTrusted Source shows, a great deal of research has found that it’s a relatively safe treatment. The studies analyzed in that review didn’t show that there’s one universal dosage of …

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Does CBD Oil work for pain relief?

CBD (cannabidiol) is a compound that is usually extracted from industrial hemp. Many plants contain cannabinoids, and people often confuse CBD with THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) which is another type of cannabinoid. Unlike THC, CBD does not cause a “high” or euphoric effect because it does not affect the same receptors as …

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5 Confusing CBD Myths It’s Time to Set Straight

Cannabidiol, otherwise known as CBD, is the “it” health trend of the moment. The chemical compound found in cannabis plants made its way into America’s hearts over the last few years thanks to all its purported benefits, including the potential to help people get a better night’s sleep and stave …

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