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Does CBD Make You High?

No, CBD does not make you high. This is a common misconception due to its similarities with THC, another compound found in cannabis. The difference is that THC is psychoactive and can alter your mental state.

CBD is the exact opposite of that. It actually combats the effects of THC by promoting greater mental clarity and focus. You could even say it makes you feel more sober. That’s why it has found success in helping people kick chemical dependencies and addictions.

It should be noted, however, that some CBD oils contain trace amounts of THC. That’s due to the fact that THC is still present in hemp, though the amount is often negligible (0.3% or less is the standard). But even this is too insignificant to cause any sort of high.

See the section below for further details, including which types of CBD contain absolutely zero THC.

What Are the Different Types of CBD?
There are currently three types of CBD that are common on the market:

CBD Isolate: This is the purest form of CBD available. It has been refined to remove all hemp compounds except for CBD. That means it has absolutely zero THC. However, this comes at the cost of numerous terpenes and other nutrients, which have their own health benefits.

Full-Spectrum: This type of CBD is on the opposite end of the spectrum from CBD isolates. It contains all of the natural compounds that you will find in hemp, and even small amounts of THC. Some prefer it because it produces an “entourage effect,” in which the compounds interact with and strengthen each other.

Broad-Spectrum: This form is considered a balance between the previous two. It retains both the CBD and all of the beneficial compounds, but it eliminates the THC completely. This extraction process still allows the entourage effect to happen.

How Do I Use CBD Oil?
CBD is a versatile supplement, so there are a number of ways to consume it. Some people put it right into their food or drink. That is usually enough to overwhelm the natural “earthy” flavor of hemp, which many people dislike.

However, the most effective method is to apply the full dose directly under your tongue and hold it for 60-90 seconds before swallowing. This maximizes bioavailability and makes sure that it circulates properly through your body’s systems.

When you aren’t using CBD, you should store it in a place with minimal heat and moisture, such as a pantry or cabinet. Some prefer to keep it in the refrigerator, although that might thicken the oil over time. If that happens, all you have to do is run the bottle under warm water and then shake it up to restore it to the original consistency.

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